Humphris utilises the world’s best practises in environmental and production efficiencies. 

water recycling

Water Recycling

Over 40 years ago the business implemented and has continued to develop an impressive wetlands and water recycling program, for its irrigation production processes, resulting is significant town water savings annually.

Greenhouse Technology

Humphris Nursery continues to grow and expand its production facilities and greenhouses. The recently constructed greenhouses are utilising the world’s best practises in environmental and production efficiencies.

The use of thermal roof and solar screens, fogging systems, roof venting and double walled insulation all linked to an environmental computer system has resulted in significant energy savings. Automated conveyor systems maximises usable growing space and production efficiencies.

Greenhouse Technology
Humphris Solar Panels

Solar Panel Array

The introduction of a large solar panel array has significantly assisted in reducing grid-electricity usage for its power hungry irrigation pumping systems and production equipment.

Recycled Plastic Pots

The majority of pots and trays, used in the business, are manufactured from recycled plastics. Pots are re-used in the business or recycled through a Nursery Industry recycling program. Unused and obsolete plant labels are recycled through a Nursery Industry recycling program.

Humphris Recycled Pots
Humphris Mesh Netting

Biodegradeable Mesh Netting

Following a number of years of research, Humphris Nursery has introduced a biodegradable mesh netting system in its propagation process, thus eliminating the use of millions of plastic propagation tubes annually.

Green Waste

Green waste and used, discarded, potting media is collected and recycled through a third party compost program

Humphris Green Waste
Humphris Potting Mix

Potting Mix

Humphris Nursery does not use sand or peat moss based substrates in our potting production. Timber industry by-products, such as composted pine bark, wood fibre and coir fibre (coconut fibre waste product) are utilised across the business.

Electric Vehicles

In an effort to continue the focus on sustainable production processes, the business has embarked upon a transition and upgrade, from petrol to electric engines, of its golf-cart trailer towing fleet.

electric vehicles