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Humphris Nursery is a major wholesale nursery growing over 600 lines and selling over 2 million plants across Australia annually. We are one of only a few wholesale growers that propagates the majority (90-95%) of its own plants. Its range includes grasses, ground covers, shrubs and trees, both native and exotic.

This wide range and large production capacity makes Humphris Nursery an ideal choice in supplying councils’ plant landscaping needs. We are also increasingly contract growing to order, especially on hard to source plants.

Very important to us is our adherence to sustainable production systems including water re-use and recycling and environmentally friendly wetlands. We have been involved in the Nursery Industry Accreditations Scheme Australia (NIASA) since its inception.

Moving forward, Humphris will continue to develop its relationship with councils; researching and developing new, successful and exciting plants, offering exemplary before and after sales support, capitalising on our ability to produce exciting new native plants, and, most importantly, listening to the needs of our client.

Humphris Nursery is committed to developing and introducing new and improved cultivars and species. As such it values continual feedback from councils and landscapers/developers by trialling these “new plants” in the field under a range of different conditions. This will enable Humphris to more objectively assess and disseminate information on the relevant merits and pitfalls of these various new lines and those which we feel have been historically overlooked and are worthy of consideration.

These include:


Chorizandra Rumballs and Meeboldinia Fiddlesticks
For more information refer to Council Newsletter ‘Grasses for Council’.



Eremophila glabra compact form ‘Hello Cocky’ and Eremophila glabra prostrate form ‘Pancake’


In 2011, Mike Tesch the Landscape Sales and Development Manager at Humphris Nursery initiated trials of grafted native trees with 20 councils throughout metropolitan Melbourne and country Victoria. This was done in response to a perceived suspicion and misunderstanding of some grafted natives, in particular Corymbia Ficifolia. Other native species were also selected for their improved uniformity in shape and flower colour as well as hardiness (disease resistance, drought tolerant etc).

These included: Brachychiton hybrids Hakea Bucculenta and Hakea Francisiana. An acknowledged pitfall of these trials has been using 20cm pots. These are not ideally suited to planting out into sites which have not been followed up with regular maintenance. Humphris Nursery is still prepared to initiate trials with interested councils but would recommend using advanced 33cm or 40cm stock from accredited advanced growers.

Any enquiries should be sent to Mike Tesch via email

Images of trials taken 18 months after planting (April 2013)

Although it is still early days in the trials, a few observations have become apparent:

Corymbia ficifolias

Grafted Corymbia ficifolia varieties – have only established well when they have received some additional “lovin”. Those that have been planted in nature-strips and watered and staked by sympathetic house owners have thrived.

Grafted Corymbia Citriodora Scentuous compact form

Hardier than Ficifolia but again require good staking (eg, Young St Reserve, Geelong)

Brachychiton hybrids

Have almost all survived though those in the harshest conditions take a year to establish before putting on growth (eg Euroa – Apex Park)

Hakea Bucculenta

Has proved the hardiest with virtually no losses. All have established well and put on good growth.

Plants in the landscape


Dianella & Lomandra images courtesy of Ozbreed.com.au
For more information refer to Council Newsletter ‘Grasses for Council” in the links below.


Corymbia ficifolia

Corymbia citriodora ‘Scentuous’



Aloes & Shrubs