Banana Goldfinger

Banana Goldfinger BANANA-GOLD-FINGER
Cool bananas are a range of banana varieties specifically selected for growing in the home garden and for their ability to produce fruit under cool conditions.
NAME Banana Goldfinger
BOTANICAL NAME Musa sapientum
KEY FEATURES Goldfinger produces heavy crops of small bananas that have a delicious, tangy flavour and which keep well.
Great for fruit salads since the flesh does not brown when cut.
GROWING CONDITIONS Bananas require deep, rich soil which is well drained, in a position which is in full sun for most of the day. A position close to a north facing wall is ideal.
Protect from cold winds and frost.
Before planting, work the soil deeply over an area of about one square metre, incorporating lots of well-rotted compost or very old animal manure.
After planting, water thoroughly and apply a thick mulch to the worked area, keeping it away from the stem of the plant.
PLANT CARE Bananas are heavy feeders and as the plant grows apply garden lime and complete fertiliser every six weeks to the soil surface above the roots.
Remove dead leaves regularly.
Suckers will appear from near the base of the main stem. Select one to be the next main stem and remove the others. It may take 2-3 years for the first fruit to be produced, but after the fruit has been harvested the main stem should be cut down. The retained sucker will replace it as the main stem and the process is continued indefinitely or until the plant has moved from its original position that it has to be replanted.
HARVESTING The fruit is ready to be harvested once the bananas lose their ridges, become more rounded, and when the black withered remains of the flowers at the end of the bananas are dry and crumbly.
Full Sun height4-5 drain mulch
Full Sun Height 3-4m Well drained soil Mulch well