Bambusa Oldhamii

Bambusa Oldhamii BAMBOO-OLDHAMII

A non invasive clumping bamboo which can grow to 12 metres tall and up to 3 metres across the base, depending on climate and soil conditions.  It is perfect for windbreaks, noise barriers and screens.

NAME Bambusa Oldhamii
BOTANICAL NAME Bambusa oldhamii
KEY FEATURES Provides useful, strong, straight timber and is also grown in plantations for its edible shoots.

Prefers full sun to part shade.

Plant in well drained soil as it doesn’t like wet feet for too long.

PLANT CARE Water regularly for the first season’s growth, thereafter only during dry spells.
Fertilise 2-3 times per year with nitrogen rich fertiliser.
Full Sun
Full sun/ Part shade Height to 12m Well drained soil Hedging