Bambusa Buddha’s Belly

This bamboo is a viable non-invasive option for the home garden.  A popular choice as a potted ornamental or stand-alone feature plant in the garden.
NAME Bambusa Buddha’s Belly
BOTANICAL NAME Bambusa ventricosa
KEY FEATURES It resembles a ‘Buddah’s Belly’ with short internodes, bulging dark green to gold when mature.
GROWING CONDITIONS Grows well in full sun or part shade.
Filtered afternoon sun is preferred.
Able to withstand cold winters and windy conditions.
Thrives in rich organic soils and is relatively drought tolerant once established.
PLANT CARE For optimal growth, water twice a week and mulch through the summer as determined by the weather.
Full Sun height4-5 pots frost
Full sun Height 6-8m Potted feature -5° Frost hardy