Anigozanthos (Kangaroo Paw) Bush Diamond


A relatively tough, compact and bushy Kangaroo Paw that is suitable as a feature plant in the garden or in a container.

NAME Anigozanthos (Kangaroo Paw) Bush Diamond pbr
BOTANICAL NAME Anigozanthos hybrid
KEY FEATURES Produces white medium sized flowers with a hint of pink all year round.
GROWING CONDITIONS Well drained, sunny location.
Heat tolerant.
Drought tolerant.
Light frost tolerant.
PLANT CARE Remove old flower stems and leaves as close as possible to their base.
Fertilise with a slow release native fertiliser around the base of the plant in autumn and spring.
Water only when the top of the potting mix has dried out.
Full Sun
Full sun Height to 60cm
Width 45cm
Fertilise Prune