Alyogyne Blue Heeler

ALYOGYNE-BLUE-HEELER 3-Alyogyne-Blue-Heeler

A versatile prostrate form of Alyogyne that’s a perfect size for the smaller garden with a spread of up to 1 metre.

NAME Alyogyne Blue Heeler pbr
BOTANICAL NAME Alyogyne heugelii
KEY FEATURES Striking individual purple flowers have a short life, however the plant repeat blooms for many months in warmer weather.
Flowers from early spring to autumn.
GROWING CONDITIONS Requires well drained soil in full sun.
Drought tolerant.
Frost tolerant.
PLANT CARE Needs little attention other than a light trim to desired shape.
Responds well to a twice annual application of general purpose, controlled release fertiliser.
Full Sun
Full sun Height 30m Flowering Frost tolerant