Aloe Southern Cross


Plants in the Aloe Aloe ® collection were originally bred in South Africa and have been trialled across and propagated in Australia.

Every plant in the Aloe Aloe ® superior hybrid collection gives the great advantages that cloned hybrid vigour offers over ordinary seed grown aloes:

  • Stronger growing plants that flower much younger than seed propagated plants
  • Magnificent flower display with many times more flowers per plant than ordinary aloe varieties
  • Longer flowering periods, superior flower quality and vibrant flower colours ensure Aloe Aloe® hybrids give a truly impressive display.

A medium sized hybrid aloe which is a tough low maintenance garden perennial.  Suitable for garden beds, as a feature plant and great in containers.

NAME Aloe Southern Cross  pbr
KEY FEATURES Grey leaves adorned with a red decorative edge and is capable of branching and forming a shrub.
Compact yellow flower clusters open simultaneously in mid winter giving an incredible display of pale yellow.
Bird attracting.
GROWING CONDITIONS Best in full sun in well drained soil.
Tolerates very dry and hot conditions.
Light frost tolerance.
PLANT CARE When planting out, do not bury the neck of the plant.
Fertilise annually in spring.
Water sparingly in winter and more regularly in summer.
Full Sun heightwidth Winter Flowering water
Full Sun Height 80cm
Width 60cm
Flowering Water regularly in summer

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