Agapanthus Baby Pete


A hardy, low maintenance dwarf variety growing to a height of 20cm.  Ideal for small gardens, patios and courtyards or for edging paths and driveways.  Can also be planted as a low ground cover.

NAME Agapanthus Baby Pete pbr
BOTANICAL NAME Agapanthus hybrid
KEY FEATURES Long flowering right through the warmer months.
Sterile variety – no seeds to cause environmental problems.
GROWING CONDITIONS Grows best in full sun and in most soil types which are well draining.
Drought tolerant.
PLANT CARE Once established, quite dry tolerant, requiring only occasional deep watering during extended periods of heat.
Apply a slow release fertiliser in spring.
No pruning generally required, although removing spent flowering stems will encourage further flushes.
Full Sun
Full sun/ Part shade Height 20cm
Width 40cm
Drought tolerant Fertilise